performances and workshops

Envirodrum discusses, in an entertaining style, the importance of preserving our environment, practising the 3R's

"REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE" and the value, fun and excitement of learning to play a musical instrument.

The band uses all recycled products to create percussion based music. Our show is a high energy performance

spanning either 45 or 60 minutes. The show can also be tailored to fit between 15 and 75 minutes.

An Envirodrum performance includes interactive moments wherein topics such as rhythms, beats and pitch are


Upon request, we can also touch on topics specific to a schools musical program. We require 60-75 minutes

for setup. A full P.A. system is provided.

Group sizes from 100-500 people are recommended.

Please contact us for a quote. Book a second performance in the same day and receive 10% off.


Workshops are also available. We ask that there be no more than 50 participants per workshop.

Topics include how to make percussive instruments from recyclable items and how to make music in a

group setting. A performance composition will be created in each workshop.

As a bonus you will receive a CD manual with many compositions to use with your group. Prizes will be awarded

for the most unique instrument built by the students.

Length: 45-60 minutes.

Book a performance and 2 or more workshops to receive 10% off. Contact us today for pricing.